5 Ways to Use iPhoto & Photo Streams in Your Nonprofit

Are any of your employees or volunteers Apple junkie like me? I love Apple products. I have used a Mac since I started college. I currently have a Mac Air and an iPhone 5. I use my Apple products for work all the time.

iPhoto & Photo Streams

One of the applications I use the most in my Apple products is the photos app and iPhoto on my Mac Air. There are several ways beyond just taking and editing pictures using these applications can help your nonprofit’s social media strategy.

  1. Import pictures from the photos app into iPhoto so the iPhone storage doesn’t fill up.
  2. In iPhoto, write the description of the photo in the add a description box under info on each picture. Then when you upload them to Facebook, the description is already written in.
  3. Use Photo Streams between colleagues –  Create a photo stream for your nonprofit or each event, then have everyone add their pictures/videos to this stream. PR/Media person can them use them for social media and doesn’t necessarily have to be at every event.
  4. Create a Public Photo Stream for each of your events/classes/programs, participants can upload their own pictures/videos & nonprofit can use for social media.
  5. Use the faces feature in iPhoto to identify staff, volunteers, clients, etc in your organization. Then when doing a piece on someone, it is easy to find photos of them.

For instructions on how use an iPhone for photography and editing, check out David Molnar’s Book iPhone Only Photography.  I have learned so much from David in how to create better pictures.

How do you use your Apple products for nonprofit work? 

LinkedIn for Nonprofits

What is LinkedIn? 
LinkedIn is a professional social media site. Users make connections with colleagues, classmates, business associates, etc. User profiles are is like a resume. LinkedIn is a great site to build professional connections which could lead to business or jobs.

LinkedIn for Nonprofits
What is a LinkedIn company page?  
A LinkedIn Company Page is a lot like a Facebook Page or a Google+ Business Page. It is a way to give people an introduction to your business. You can share articles and posts just like Facebook and Google +.

When a company page exists for a nonprofit, it will link up if a user lists the nonprofit in their work and/or volunteer experience.

Should my nonprofit have one? 
With all these social media networks, it can be hard to know which ones your nonprofit should be on. Most of the time you don’t have the personnel or time to do all the social media sites well.

My advice would be to set up a company page for your nonprofit. It does not take much to set up the page, and it does not take much extra work to maintain. Then if someone adds your nonprofit to their work or volunteer experience, it will be linked to your official LinkedIn Company Page.

For more information on the LinkedIn Company pages and how to set one up, check out the LinkedIn page.

Feel free to connect with me or bmtmedia on LinkedIn.

Does your nonprofit have a LinkedIn Company Page? 

5 Reasons to Update Your Nonprofit’s GuideStar Profile

What is GuideStar? 

GuideStar’s mission is “to revolutionize philanthropy by providing information that advances transparency, enables users to make better decisions, and encourages charitable giving.” “We provide as much information as we can about each nonprofit’s mission, legitimacy, impact, reputation, finances, programs, transparency, governance, and so much more.”

GuideStar is directed at grant makers, donors, and potential supporters so they can use the information to decide on whether or not to donate to a nonprofit. 5 Reasons to Update Your Nonprofit's GuideStar Profile
Why should I update my nonprofit’s GuideStar profile? 

“[Online] fundraising is built upon GuideStar. Change.org, Network for Good, and Facebook Causes (just to name a few) are pulling your organization’s information from GuideStar. … donations made to your organization are mailed to the address listed in GuideStar! Nonprofits need to understand the importance of keeping their GuideStar entry current.” —Heather Mansfield, Change.org

  1. If you are a 501c3, you already have a profile, so why not keep it up to date?
  2. The information on GuideStar powers more than 60 other websites like Network for Good, blackbaud, Change.org,  and Razoo. It also powers the new give. app.
  3. It adds to your nonprofit’s transparency.
  4. Grantmakers and potential supporters check it to decide to donate to your nonprofit.
  5. You only have to update it once a year.

How do I update our profile? 
GuideStar has all the information you need to update your nonprofit’s profile.

Updating your nonprofit’s GuideStar Profile could literally be worth millions of dollars in donations. Potential donors and grantmakers could use the information to decide if your nonprofit receives any funding.

Is your nonprofit’s GuideStar profile up to date?

How To Set-Up a Facebook Page?

Your nonprofit has decided which social media sites to be on.  And one of them is Facebook.  So how do you go about setting it up?

How to Set-Up a Facebook Page
First, let’s discuss the difference between a Facebook Profile and a Facebook Page? 

From the Facebook website: “Personal profiles are for non-commercial use and represent individual people. You can follow profiles to see public updates from people you’re interested in but aren’t friends with. Pages look similar to personal profiles, but they offer unique tools for businesses, brands and organizations. Pages are managed by people who have personal profiles. You can like a Page to see updates in News Feed. Keep in mind that each person who signs up for Facebook has one account with login information. Each account can have one personal profile and manage multiple Pages.”

Second, gather this information before starting:

  • Nonprofit’s Logo
  • Mission Statement
  • Contact information – email address, phone number, physical address, website

Now, you are ready to set up your nonprofit’s Facebook Page.

  1. Log into your Facebook Profile
  2. On the left side of the home page, click Create Page.
  3. Select which category best describes your organization (For nonprofits, Company, Organization, or Institution is best)
  4. Choose a category – There is a nonprofit organization category
  5. Type in your nonprofit’s name
  6. Click Get Started
  7. Follow all the prompts
  8. Invite friends to like your nonprofit’s page

You now have a Facebook Page! 

If you used this tutorial to set up your nonprofit Facebook page, would you leave a link to your page in the comments? I would love to see them!

Why Does My Nonprofit Need a Responsive Website?

YES, all nonprofits need a responsive website, and here is why.

Responsive Design refers to the ability of the website and its content elements to size themselves down to fit the size of the visitor’s browser window. Responsive Design remains in place for all Squarespace sites even with mobile styles disabled. This means that the full website and content areas should still be sized to fit smaller devices. – Squarespace 

Does My Nonprofit Need a Responsive Website?

 It may seem costly and time-consuming to “go mobile” but in the long run, it will cost nonprofits much, much, much more to not upgrade.

Why you might ask?

We live in the digital, information age. We have screens around us at all times.

  • Computers/laptops
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Smart watches
  • TVs

Each of these screens is a different size. A website created for a computer/laptop screen will probably be hard to read on a smartphone or watch. There is nothing more frustrating than to go to a website on a smartphone or tablet and not be able to read it.

“If your donors and supporters cannot easily read your website on a smartphone or tablet, then your content strategy – and thus your mobile and social fundraising strategy – is futile. Furthermore, search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing have changed their algorithms to lower the scores of websites that are not mobile compatible.” – Mobile for Good

Let’s get practical.

How do you make your website responsive?

  • Squarespace websites: your site is already responsive.
  • WordPress: search for only responsive templates
  • GoDaddy Website Builder: All designs are already responsive
  • Website Designer: Ask them to redesign your website to be responsive

Donors and supporters have little patience with poorly executed online communications and fundraising campaigns. – Mobile for Good

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